Monday, August 3, 2009

Moive: My Sister's Keeper

Last night several of my friends and I went to see the movie My Sister's Keeper. I first heard of the book version many months ago when Dawn told me her book club read it. At first I confused it with a movie by the same name where Rosie O'Donnell played a special needs adult that needed help from her sister.

But this is not that movie.

This book and movie is about a family whose daughter has cancer. After a few failed treatments, they decide to have another baby so they can use the umbilical cord blood. As the years go by the older sister needs more and more from her sister's body. At the point in the book, the younger sister, Anna, sues her parents for total control of her body - so she'll no longer have to go through procedures to help her sister.

I hated how the book ended! In fact I complained to Dawn - "Why did you say it was a good book!!?? It was so sad!!" She said, "I said it was a good book, not a happy book."

She was right - it was a good read. Even if the ending was horrible!

But as usual there are a few changes in the movie - the ending being one of them. I liked the movie ending much better.

The movie still feel short in a few areas though - the older brother's character just didn't develop at all. In the book he was a dark person - a total delinquent. At several points in the movie, they had Jesse, the older brother, just wandering downtown. They could have easily show him at parties or doing drugs - something to show how messed up he was.

They also did develop the relationship between Anna and her lawyer - that was a large part of the book. He had a great sense of humor in the book - that just didn't show up enough in the movie.

But over all it was a good movie! Go see it...but take your just may cry...but try to read the book first - of course, you'll cry more with book!

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