Saturday, August 1, 2009

What a Quandry...

Saturday afternoon I was one of the hostess for a friend's baby shower. She's only five months, but will have to leave Guam in early September to have her babies (yes, twins!) in Japan where they have a NICU (all high-risk pregnancies MUST leave the island as there's no way to help the real sick little ones here....I always feel sad for the locals that can't afford to leave...).

At one point during the set up time, I went around and moved several of our purses and the left over decorating items to a closet in the room we were in. Afterwards, one of the other hostess went to get her purse. She quickly realized that someone had been in her purse and had taken $40. I looked in mine - and yep, I also had some money missing.

WOW. We were shocked. All the ladies that attended were friends. I personally knew all but two ladies. All, of course, were known to the guest of honor.

And one is a thief.

How bold are you to steal from your friends? In a church no less.

Yes, I do have an idea of who it was. But I have no proof, so I can't confront her.

But trust her? No, I won't be doing that. And whenever I'm around her? I'll make sure my purse is within my sight at all times - or locked up in my car!

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Carie said...

I cannot believe this happened at a baby shower! So sad. The saddest (and scariest) thing is that someday she will have to answer to God for the theft!

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Leaping For Joy