Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Little Longer than Expected.....

I didn't mean to stay away from posting as long as I did....laziness, I guess. My trip to Hawaii was very nice. It was it great to be off Guam for a little while....even if it was to another island. While I didn't complete my Christmas shopping, I did make a decent start.

The conference itself was nice as well. The speaker, Brenda Pace, was very good. The theme was Aloha: Hello, Goodbye, I Love You - all of which is how the word "aloha" is used. Brenda Pace talked about what we say hello to when we enter God's family as believers (his love, a new family, etc), what we say goodbye to (sins, etc) and she ended with how much the Lord loves us. We also, heard two ladies give their testimonies - they also did a great job!

Then were was several real Starbucks that took up our time. Such nice treats!

I was able to get in a short visit with my nephew who now lives in Waikiki. I think we decided that it has been since summer of 2004 since we had seen each other - just one of the side effects of being married to a military man. He is now a chef at a local restaurant. Two of my friends and I were able to eat breakfast there on our last morning - very good food, of course.

The kids did great while I was gone. Melissa seemed to live through "being the only girl in the house" (which she moaned and groaned about before I left: Don't leave me to be the only girl!!) She also participated in a jump rope competition on Saturday in which she won first place in her division! We are very proud of her!! She only joined the jump rope club about a month ago and due to being ill and the air show was not able to attend all the practices. Several teachers and other parents told me how good she did. She ended with a perfect cartwheel - which is what apparently won her the first place. Her age group was 11-14, so she was competitng again mostly older kids. She's hooked now!

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