Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Favorite Day

Another month down. I'm actually glad October is over. I love November 1st. It's Benjamin's birthday. He's nine today.

My baby is nine.

Drew and I both did a big sigh over that.

It's been a good birthday for him. We started off with church. With Drew is now helping in the sounds booth, he needed to go early so the kids and I went a little later. I was especially happy to see my friend Dawn at church. We met this summer "hopping" from Hawaii back here. At the time she was living in Japan with her Navy husband and daughter, but just this last week they moved here to Guam. Yeah!! I'll be nice to get to know her better.

And she's going to teach me how to work with fondant icing. Yeah!

After church we had a nice lunch with another family here at the house. Ben requested meatballs and spaghetti for his special day, so that's what we had. We didn't tell them the dinner was in honor of Ben's birthday until we pulled out the cake and presents. Yes, they were surprised that they were at a birthday party - which was the point. We just wanted everyone to enjoy each other's company and get to know everyone better.

Benjamin spent the afternoon playing with his new flying airplane, playing on the Wii (he's the baseball champ in the family - and it seems that I can pitch really well, but have no skill at batting), and just hanging out with his siblings.

Good day to turn nine.

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