Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Getting out the Door

Wednesday nights we go to the chapel for AWANA - a Bible club thingy for the kids...sort of like Sunday school with games instead of crafts.

Which Ben is very happy about.

He hates crafts...just not the crafty kind of all.

But games? He loves the games. And I'm assuming that he and his siblings love learning Bible verses as well.

I work with the kindergarten class. The last two years I did more in which I had to do lots of paperwork, but this year I just have to show up and work with the kinder class for a while.

Should be easy, but man. Some weeks it's not. But once I get out the door and actually get there with the kids (and around my friends!) its a lot of fun. I love seeing the kids learn their verses and make progress in their books. Even if there's a very boys that we...well...shall we say active?? Loud, also comes to mind.... Nerve-wracking would be another....

I am looking forward to Spring break....I need the break....I need spring....I know. I actually won't get a spring until next'll take the break...even if it's weeks off here in Guam.

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy