Monday, March 15, 2010

Here vs. There (Part one...I'm sure there'll be more...)

I've been starting to think of things that I will miss when we leave Guam. Yes, there are things I will miss.

For about ten and a half months of the year, the weather is great. I really don't like the heat between Thanksgiving and the New Year - it's just not right to be in tank-tops and flip-flops during the Holidays! But other than that, we have gotten spoiled with the weather. It's nice not to have to deal with coats, gloves, and scarfs.

I will also miss my walks here. I love being able to walk out the door even if it's still dark and not have to worry about my safety. There are advantages to living on base, and safety is a huge one. But I love my walks not just knowing that I'm exercising in a safe place, I love watching the stars disappear and the sun rise...all the colors from dark to light putting on such an amazing show. All with the temperatures just about perfect! (Unless I wait until after 8:30...then it's a little too hot, but early in the morning or after 4 pm - perfect!)

One thing I won't miss? I don't think I'll miss this house. Even William talked about how this hasn't ever seemed like "home". Knowing that we would only be here for three years, it was hard to sink too much of us into it. We have pictures on the walls - even bought posters for the kids and "wallies", but still. Not home. I think it has to do with the wall color. Every military house has the same drab, boring off white. Yuck. I wanted to paint, but Drew did not - so we didn't. (You have to paint the walls back to the off white before you move out - even though they go behind you and paint before a new family moves in.....can't just put up some primer! Oh, no. You have to make it look great - just so they can paint over it. Makes. no.sense. at. all. But that's how it is in military housing.)

But he has been given notice that our next house will have color.

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Carie said...

I love how you always focus on the best. One of the things I admire most about you.

Hope y'all are all doing well!


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Leaping For Joy